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How to make a Dog Collar: Free Sewing Pattern!

Make your DIY dog collar for a custom pet accessory! This post will show you how to make a dog collar with a free pattern download. Follow the step-by-step photos or watch the video!

You can make a collar for any size pooch or even a cat. This is a fun, simple project to give you a little experience using hardware like buckles and clasps.

I found this gorgeous rose gold hardware and just had to use it. I love how fancy it makes my pup! If you’re sewing for a small dog or cat, use plastic hardware for a lighter-weight collar.

But it’s metal, which is fine if you have a medium or large dog; it’s going to last forever.
Use this fabric to create a matching dog collar bow for a complete accessory set. Such a great gift to the best friend, or sew it as a present to someone with a new pet!

Dog Collar Tutorial Materials

1/4 yard fabric, I’m using 100% cotton Spotted Butterflies in Salmon(affiliate links)
Hardware (affiliate link)
Shape-Flex fusible interfacing
Rotary cutter, mat, and acrylic ruler

Thread for top sew­ing

.sewing machine, iron and scissors
Dog Collar Sewing Pattern Download

Use the following measurements, or download the printable pattern at the.

Print out on regular letter paper or A4 size at 100% or DO NOT SCALE. Cut out the pages and tape them together like so:

Measurements of Collar Length & Cutting

First, take your dog’s neck measurement from the live animal, then pick a size by that measurement or breed if sewing for someone else. My dog is a pretty big breed but has a small neck when shaved, and she is Large. Each collar size includes some adjustability also, so keep that in mind to help you pick a good fit!
These measurements include varied widths for smaller and larger dogs, so use your own judgment when deciding on hardware.

XXS (up to 10″): Cut one strip of fabric 2″ x 14″. (1/2″ Hardware)
Toy breeds, cats
XS (up to 10″) – Cut a strip of fabric 3″ x 14″. (3/4″ Hardware)
Good size for Chihuahuas, Maltese, etc.
S (fits up to 14″) – Cut one strip of fabric 4 x 18″. (1″ Hardware)
Good size for Boston Terrier, Jack Russel Terrier.
M (up to 20″) – Cut a strip 4.5 x 24. (1.25″ Hardware)
Australian sheperd, border collie,

Large (Fits up to 26″ neck) – Cut strip of fabric 4.5 x 30″. (1 3/16″ Hardware )

Boxer, Doberman, Lab, Golden retriever, Standard Goldendoodle

Extra Large (up to 28″) – Cut strip of fabric 5 x 32″. (1 3/8″ Hardware)
Newfoundland, English Mastiff, German Shepard etc.
How to sew a dog collar

Herewith are the steps to be taken in sewing a customized dog collar.

First, fold the strip’s raw edges into the center lengthwise and press.

Topstitch either side of the length of fabric, 1/8″ from the edges, using a straight stitch.
Press under 1/4″ to the strip’s end. Slip clap hardware and a D-ring onto the leash. Fold the collar over the hardware, leaving about 1.5″ at the end.

Fold the collar over the hardware and clip it in place. Then, sew a small rectangle to hold them together—Backstitch stitches for a stronger hold.

Slip-slide or strap adjuster onto the collar with the collar fabric over the slide’s crossbar.
Slip in through the other side, as shown, and clip the other half of your buckle together. You’ll come over the top of the buckle and into the middle of a collar.

Release the end of the collar from the clasp and slide it back through the slide as shown.

Press under ¼″ at raw edge of fabric.
Press this towards the buckle, as shown. Loop with the fabric bunched up over the top of the edge clip the folded edge about 1″ past the buckle, and sew.

Cut threads and your collar is ready!

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